Zara jacket, Topshop scarf, Missy Empire tracksuit, Adidas Y3 high tops

Zara hat and waterfall cape, ForeverModo tracksuit, Primark scarf, Nike shoes 

Zara coat, Topshop top, Foot Asylum jogging bottoms, Vintage fur, Adidas shoes

Day to day when I'm casting and on shoots I like being my most comfortable. My job consists of changing clothes over 50 times in a day so when it comes to getting back into my own gear I want to be cosy, comfortable and trendy. Lounge wear has become a big trend weather you wear yours with heels for a casual evening out or with trainers and a chic jacket. 
I picked the 3 that represented my style and personality the most. I like neutrals and I like big coats and scarfs. Pair yours with a trendy shoe and you have the perfect go to casual outfit.


Photography by The Banker
Hair by BeautyWorks Online
Make up by YuJoyce