The Hydra Facial - Dermalux Combo

I recently started a series of skin treatments at Binsina Laser Clinic and I thought since I get asked so many questions about my skin care routine I'll monitor my progress and share it with you guys. 

Having my make up done professionally for 5 days a week almost every week for the past 15 years definitely takes its toll on the skin and I've been lucky that I have quite normal skin and don't break out often. However as I'm getting older I feel that I should take better care of my skin and be more weary of fine lines and wrinkles, so when Binsina approached me I thought this is perfect I'll go for a consultation. 

I was greeted by Dr Khan herself who runs the clinic and has over 15 years experience under her belt. She is a Dermatologist, Medical Cosmetologist & Laser Consultant, she has been practising in her field both in the Middle East and UK. 

I was first taken into a consultation room and a skin analysis was done using Visia,
Visia is complexion analysis where you place your face into a machine and it captures 3D images of your skin and displays an in-depth analysis of your skin so a more targeted treatment programme could be developed for your specific needs.

My areas of concern was my pores, some sun damage and clogging, which given the circumstances of my job is expected. So Dr Khan suggested that I start off with 2 different treatment programmes these being; Genesis and the Hydra Facial.

The Hydra Facial is for all skin types, even the most sensitive types. It has no down time and you can see the effects of it right away. What it does is that it removes dead skin cells and impurities while pumping all the goodness of 3 different serums to cleanse, hydrate and moisturise the skin. The procedure consists of a little roll on brush being firmly pressed into your skin in sections covering your entire face about 3-4 times over then the serums are massaged into the skin for a deeper absorption. Its not painful at all, your face just feels wet. After your treatment is done you can see all the germs that have come out of skin (which was really gross) but great to see the city pollution leaving your body!

However what Binsina do differently is that they combine the Hydra Facial with Dermalux. 
Dermalux is an LED light treatment that rejuvenates, repairs and revitalises the skin. It does this by allowing the skin to absorb light and use it as a source of energy to stimulate natural cell processes. In other words it helps your skin to heal and renew itself from inside out. 
This again doesn't hurt at all. An arch of little LED lights are placed over your face and you just lie there for 20 minutes and let it soak into your skin. There are different colours of light for different skin problems like Red is for fine line and wrinkles and evening skin tone, Blue is acne and blemishes, Infra Red is anti ageing. 
Dr Khan recommended that I should be placed under the Red light as it was most suitable for my skin type. 
By combining the 2 treatments the effects are emphasised and you see better results faster. 

I personally loved the treatment as I felt my skin was extremely dehydrated (I don't drink enough water) and I could see my skin plumping immediately after the treatment and it felt soft and supple. I would definitely recommend this treatment!

The recommended number of treatments for best results is 6 done once per week for 6 consecutive weeks. After the first series you can maintain the improved appearance of your skin by having a Hydra Facial once a month. 

For more information visit or call +44 208 424 0736