Pixi Glow

Winter weather can be harsh on the skin and since my usual skin care products didn't feel rich enough I felt that I needed to change. I've heard rave reviews about the Pixi Glow Tonic and decided to try a few of the other products from the range. 

I chose the following :-  Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Mud Mask, Peel Pads and Nourishing Cleansing Balm, as well the Brighting lotion, Hydrating Milky Serum and Glow Mist. For Make Up I went for the Touch of Blush palette, the eye liner pen Lash Line ink, mascara and lipstick in Peach Blossom. 

When I first started using the products I didn't see a difference but after about a week my skin didn't "glow" but overall I had a better complexing than I normally do in the winter. 

My favourite was Glowtion Day Dew, it has a similar effect to Mac Strobe Cream but much lighter in texture.  My least favourite is the Glow Mist, unlike Mac Fix Spray it sits on the skin and comes out in too bigger droplets so its more of a spray than a mist. 
Glow Tonic is meant to be the star of this range and it is a great product I'm not usually a fan of toners but I used this one regularly. Its more like a softner/toner so it doesnt feel as drying as other toners. 
For me personally my favourite of the cleansers was the Nourishing Cleansing balm especially after photoshoots. As the make up I wear is heavy and layered during the course of the day, my skin becomes sensitive and last thing I want to do is rub it with wipes or having to cleanse it several times. So the balm is super thick and melts the toughest eye liners and mascaras. Once you rinse it the skin feels soft and supple. I wasn't a big fan of the smell of the Peel Pads they smelt quite strongly of alcohol and I didn't feel comfortable using them on my face. 
The Mud products were good too but I found the mask a little dry so application wasn't as good however they are both scented heavenly.

The make up products were a total hit with me. The eyeliner is very thin and very black so gives an easy and precise application. The lipstick is a beautiful coral shade and quite moisturising however it doesn't last very long. The mascaras- one in Fibre Black and Blackest Blue have great pigments but I wasn't a big fan of the brush. I prefer a brush more like They're Real from Benefit. 
But my favourite by far is the blush palette. It has a variety of shades, the pigments are good and they look dewy on the skin. The palette consists of 4 matte shades and 2 glittery shades (they were my least favourite).

Overall the products exceeded my expectations. I like using them and I believe I may go for refills for some of the products. I must say a few stood out to me more than others but thats usually the case with every brand. I would recommend it to people with both skin types as the products are really moisturising but not heavy so those of you with more combination to oily skins could also enjoy the benefits of Pixi Glow.   


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I created the look below using Pixi products.