The Bomber

iClothing jacket and heels, Reiss top, Forever21 jeans

Bershka jacket, Asos tee, Levis shorts, Forever21 chocker, Aldo boots

House of CB jacket, Topshop tank, Primark sweatpants, Valentino heels

The Bomber jacket has been around for years but it recently made a very trendy comeback. Brands jumped on the chance to create super chic, comfy and warm Bombers offering a variety of colours and textures to the consumer. I personally love the Bomber jacket style, it is extremely cosy and forgiving. If you're having a fat day, the shape of it provides a cocoon around you so you can reveal exactly how much you want. But not only that, it adds an instant pinch of cool to any outfit be it short cut off shorts or lazy sweatpants. You can't go wrong with something that makes an outfit and provides comfort. The combination is a rare one in the world of fashion!


Photography by The.Banker